To experience and purcahse our ultra-premium world class artisanal spirits, as well as Elgin Distillery and Tombstone Distillery products, come to the Elgin Distillery and Tasting Room at 473½ Elgin Rd, Elgin, Arizona. We are adjacent to the Village of Elgin Winery.

A beautiful one hour drive southeast of Tucson, Arizona through rolling hillls.

The Elgin Distillery Tasting Room Days & Hours: Thr, Fri, *Sat, Sun, Mon: 10:00 am - 4:00 pm (Sat 10 am - *5 pm)
Tues/Weds by appointment.

Contact us by phone at 520-329-5266.


Blue Peacock Spirits© produces ultra-premium world class spirits! We use the highest quality locally sourced ingredients, distilling in small batches in order to assure exceptionally exquisite taste. We are dedicated to producing each batch using artisinal methods, thereby assuring the absolute finest tasting, highest quality handcrafted spirits available anywhere!

Featured Products

We presently have two amazing products created under the Blue Peacock Spirits© label:

EL GIN- A traditional London Dry Gin made with our own Arizona grape neutral spirit. We use all Arizona ingredients: juniper from southern Arizona; coriander, angelica, and other botanicals from our garden; central Arizona citrus. Clean and refreshing with key lime and mint aspects, EL GIN has a juniper undertone that falls off the palate.

Photo of bottle of our Gin

El VODKA- We distill EL VODKA seven times, which results in a perfectly refined, elegant spirit. The grape we use, grown in southern Arizona's Cochise county, is French colombard. As a result EL VODKA has a slight nose of pear and apple with a finish that is long, clean, and smooth.

Photo of our Vodka

Artisanal Spirits

Blue Peacock Spirits© are true artisanal spirits, meticulously crafted by hand at every step in the process. Each spirit is distilled only in small batches, which results in products of incomparable quality that have outstanding flavor and balance.

Photo of our Stainless Steel Still

Our Goal

We at Blue Peacock Spirits© are dedicated to the creation of ultra-premium world class artisanal spirits. We focus on finding the best local ingredients, using time honored and time tested techniques, doing everything necessary to consistently create magnificent spirits that are second to none!

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