Photo of our Arizona Bourbon Whisky next to a glass of the Arizona Bourbon whisky


We pride ourselves on using Arizona grains from Cochise, Graham, Pima and Santa Cruz counties to make our superb whiskies. Our Arizona Straight Bourbon Whiskey, Gold Medal winner at 4 different 2017 International Spirits Competitions, is a blend of Corn, Rye and Barley. The Signature Whisky is our distiller's interpretation of American Whisky from a Scottish perspective. The Award Winning Arizona Rye is 100% Rye, and the Single Malt Barley is 100% Barley. Our Arizona Trails Whisky is a blended whisky from Arizona Craft Distilleries that shares a vision of Arizona's Spirits greatness.

Photo of the label on our Eau de Vie de Vin


At our southern Arizona distillery we express our terrior and the essence of Arizona wine and brandy by using a single variety for each Eau de Vie and Brandy. Currently we have a French Colombard from Ft. Bowie Vineyards, a Zinfandel from Dragoon Mountain Vineyards, and a Syrah from Carlson Creek Vineyards.

Photo of our Regalo de Vida Rum next to a glass of the Regalo de Vida Rum


Our Rums, like our Award Winning Regalo de Vida Gran Rum, are made from pure sugar cane. Once juiced, the "beer" is pitched with a special yeast strain used only by Arizona Craft Beverage at our southern Arizona distillery. We are able to produce exquisitly delicate and flavourful rums from these fermentations. Oak aging in our old whisky, wine, and for the black rum, new barrels, defines the palate.

Photo of our Regalo de Vida Rum next to a glass of the Regalo de Vida Rum


Blue Peacock Spirits produces ultra-premium world class spirits! We use the highest quality locally sourced ingredients, distilling in small batches in order to assure exceptionally exquisite taste. We are dedicated to producing each batch using meticulous artisinal methods, thereby assuring the absolute finest tasting, highest quality handcrafted spirits available anywhere!   Current offerings are:  EL GIN  &  EL VODKA


Our blender, a professional Chef, creates superb and unique spirits and liqueurs. We constantly experiment with unique and exotic flavours, producing superior stand alone beverages or mixers.

Photo of our 1000 liter copper still, nicknamed Tallulah

Elgin Distillery and tasting Room

A scenic one hour drive southeast of Tucson, Arizona, the Elgin Distillery and Tasting Room is adacent to the Village of Elgin Winery, located in the heart of Elgin at 473½ Elgin Road, Elgin, AZ 85611.

Our southern Arizona distillery is home to award winning Arizona Straight Bourbon Whiskey, Tombstone Arizona Bourbon, Tombstone Arizona Rye, Double Black Rum, and Regalo de Vida Rum. Elgin Distillery uses time honored and time tested artisanal techniques to produce ultra premium spirits that are second to none!

The Tasting Room is currently open 10 am - 4 pm  Thursday - Monday  (10 am - 5 pm  Saturday). Tuesday/Wednesday by appointment.
Contact the Distillery at 520-329-5266.

Photo of inside the Tombstone Distillery tasting room

Tombstone distillery tasting room

The Tombstone Distillery Tasting Room is now located at 473½ Elgin Rd, Elgin, AZ 85611.
Currently open 10 am - 4 pm  Thursday - Monday  (10 am - 5 pm  Saturday). Tuesday/Wednesday by appointment.
Call us at 520-329-5266.