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The Village of Elgin

GPS Coordinates: 31.658499°N, -110.538996°W

HC1 Box 47, 471 Elgin Road, Elgin, AZ 85611 • 520/455-9309

First Christian Church


to the Village of Elgin, the Heart of the Arizona Wine Country. Wines made from grapes grown in Southern Arizona, from the Sonoita AVA, Wilcox Playa and Bowie. We still produce our wines in the traditional fashion, hand harvesting, sorting and foot stomping the reds. The wines are aged in French Oak, Hungarian Oak, Italian Chestnut and Stainless Steel. The winery has moved to the Stelvin ROPP cap and all of our wine bottlings from 2007 onward shall be in screw cap.

In addition to the winery and tasting room, there is now the ELGIN DISTILLERY and tasting room, which is located adjacent to the wine tasting room. Visit the website: Elgin Distillery