The Village of Elgin Winery

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The Village of Elgin

GPS Coordinates: 31.658499°N, -110.538996°W

HC1 Box 47, 471 Elgin Road, Elgin, AZ 85611 • 520/455-9309

Red Wines


Balance is a word we can not mention enough. "Anyone can make wine, but a true master makes balanced wine!" This is our mantra. Sugar, Acidity, Viscosity and Alcohol all in harmony with the unique Terroir of Southern Arizona. The wines aged in wooden casks are only done in new wood.


Sweet Red Wines

Tierra Dulce

A heavy full bodied red wine for those who can not stand the taste of heavy red wine. Plum and Framboise, superb dessert red.

Festival Red

Only available at the festivals, this is a great sweet red wine.


Semi-Sweet Red Wines

Tombstone Red

The Number One Selling Arizona Wine!!!! A blend of red and white, more akin to traditional Italian reds. Perfect for BBQ and just sitting around.

Village of Tubac Presidio Angelico

Aged in Hungarian Oak, smokey with a full long finish.


Plum flavours with ripe cherry and great tannin on the finish.



Dry Red Wines

Village of Tubac Presidio Classico

Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon and Trebbiano. Great lighter bodied red wine perfect for pasta and salads.

Vino de San Vicente de Saragossa

Aged in untoasted barrels, this is a ten year old Cabernet Sauvignon. Named in honour of the Patron Saint of Winemakers.


Cherry, oak and great tannins. This is a good example of small grape Sangiovese.

Arizona Cab

A blend of 2 vintages and 2 growing regions in Southern Arizona. Great balance and texture. Cassis, plum and tight tannins.

Tombstone Gunslinger

A 15 year old Cabernet Sauvignon, this is a great example of Arizona Cab and expresses our terroir.