The Village of Elgin Winery

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The Village of Elgin

GPS Coordinates: 31.658499°N, -110.538996°W

HC1 Box 47, 471 Elgin Road, Elgin, AZ 85611 • 520/455-9309

Research at the Village of Elgin Winery

The Village of Elgin Winery has a full lab and research and development program.

Cork vs. Capsule

We recently compleated a study covering all major closures and concluded that the Saranex Lined ROPP Screw Cap is the best way to store, age and preserve wine. So much so that we upgraded our bottling line to solely bottle using ROPP caps. Corks had a failure rate 400% greater than the ROPP cap.

Poly tanks

The Village of Elgin Winery is studying the use of Poly Tanks on aging of red wines. Poly Tanks allow for gass exchange at stable and predictable rates. We are testing the use of these tanks with stave technologies that sit inside the wine.