The Village of Elgin Winery

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The Village of Elgin

GPS Coordinates: 31.658499°N, -110.538996°W

HC1 Box 47, 471 Elgin Road, Elgin, AZ 85611 • 520/455-9309

Rosé Wines


Balance is a word we can not mention enough. "Anyone can make wine, but a true master makes balanced wine!" This is our mantra. Sugar, Acidity, Viscosity and Alcohol all in harmony with the unique Terroir of Southern Arizona. The wines aged in wooden casks are only done in new wood.


Sweet Rosé Wines

Peter's Rosé

This is the sweetest wine we make. A dessert rosé with full fresh black fruit flavours.

Vino Rosado de San Vicente

This is a rosé of Cabernet Sauvignon named in honour of the Patron Saint of Winemakers. Fruit is forward with great finish and good acidity.


This is a sweet rosé made from Cabernet Sauvignon with bright cherry and raspberry flavours


Semi-Sweet Rosé Wines

Vino de la Capilla

Named for our Chapel, this wine has a great cranberry and raspberry flavour profile with a great long finish.

Bella Rosa

A rosé made from Primativo, good balance and acidity.


Dry Rosé Wines

Dry Rosé

The Governor's Choice Best of Class for Rosé and the Gold Medal winner. Made from Grenache Noir this wine has the perfect balance sought in a rosé.