We participate in several wine festivals each year. The Harvesting of the Vine Festival, SE Arizona Wine Festival, St. Martin's New Release Festival, and several others.

Our Wineries:

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Our Distilleries:

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471 Elgin Road, Elgin, AZ 85611

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ill titleSweet Tombstone ® Wines

Tombstone Red® is the wine that started it all, brainchild of Bill Letarte. This wine is made in the traditional Italian style of red and white wine blending. This wine retains a slight residual sweetness that makes it more approachable even by people that are not too fond of red wines. This wine is excellent with pasta and spicy foods. (Semi-Sweet Red Wine of Arizona)

Tombstone Rain® has a clean and refreshing quality that envelopes the senses and produces a superbly balanced finish. This wine retains a touch of sweetness that is reminiscent of Hawthorne. Pair this wine with your favorite Mexican dish or fish. (Semi-Sweet White Wine of Arizona)

Tombstone Madame® is a blush blended from the same grapes used to make the Tombstone Red®, with more of the white wine added. Fruity with an excellent balance, this wine has berry and ripe kiwi. Go Mexican or Thai with this one. (Semi-Sweet Blush Wine of Arizona)

Tombstone Belle®, our port of Cabernet Sauvignon, 10 years old at the time of bottling, superbly smooth and balanced with a slight candied cherry and plum. (Sweet Red Wine of Arizona)

Tombstone Curly Jack®, white port styled wines are a specialty of the Village of Elgin and this is no exception, plantain, bananas, breadfuit and an extremely long full finish. (Sweet White Wine of Arizona)

Order our wines through 'Amazon Wine Marketplace': type "Tombstone Wines" into the search box.