We participate in several wine festivals each year. The Harvesting of the Vine Festival, SE Arizona Wine Festival, St. Martin's New Release Festival, and several others.

Our Wineries:

arrow The Village of Elgin
arrow Four Monkey Wines

Our Distilleries:

arrow Elgin Distillery
arrow Tombstone Distillery

471 Elgin Road, Elgin, AZ 85611

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ill titleWhy Arizona?

Arizona has a long history of wine making dating back to the pre-colombian era. European wine making started here with the northern migration of the Spanish army. Wine has always been an integral part of post-colombian Arizona, and the modern incarnation of the Arizona wine industry began during the 1970s with LCDR Bob Webb, USN (Ret) and Gordon Dutt, PhD.

Like most in the area we started our production in the old Sonoita Vineyards Winery. We then moved to our major production facility in downtown Elgin in the early 1990s. Tombstone Red® has always been the mainstay and corner stone of our production. It has often been imitated, but never duplicated.

Arizona's unique terroir provides that secret ingredient that drives the flavour profile of our wines. We have been fortunate enough to find, through trial and error, the recipe that has worked for us for over 3 decades.

Politically Arizona has not always been the easiest to work with, but over the last 4 decades, the state has seen the value of a thriving wine industry and regulations are becoming more farm winery friendly.